What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when visiting our website. A cookie can help to enhance the functionality of the website, improve performance, personalise the appearance of the website or provide us, the owner of the website, with statistical analysis of visits. Statistical information helps us to improve your experience of our website in the future.

We do not use cookies to gain personal information about individuals.

What cookies do we set?
Cookie NameDescriptionPurposeMore information
_utmaGoogle Analytics CookieThis cookie gives the website owner information about when a computer first visits a site and the number of visits made.Google Privacy Policy
Google Analytics CookieThese cookies work together to calculate the length of time a visitor spends on our website.Google Privacy Policy
_utmzGoogle Analytics CookieThis cookie provides the site owner with information about how you were referred to our website and what search words you may have used to find us.Google Privacy Policy

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