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Investor Update 15 December 2020

Given the travel restrictions in place, Canada and Australia have been getting a lot of press of late. The reason of course is the Brexit ‘Deal or No Deal’ with Deal (Canada) and No Deal (Australia) set to go to the last minute of the 11th hour.

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Investor Update 3 November 2020

The news continues to be dominated by COVID with areas of the country being moved to Tier 2 or Tier 3 regulations. Anxiety levels increase as do infection rates and, sadly, hospital admissions. It is all too easy to get immersed in the narrative and all will be justifiably concerned for family, friends and loved ones

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Investor Update 9 September 2020

As schools return at last and the next generation of financial planners and investment managers can restart their education, markets seem to be in limbo. The last few days have seen a setback in the tech sector and therefore the Index retreating quite sharply from its record level.

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Investor Update 22 July 2020

Most clients and investors are feeling a little more sanguine about the value of their portfolios, ISAs and Pensions since the depth of the market retreat in March. This of course is despite the pandemic still being a deadly threat and yet to reach its peak in many parts of the world.

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Investor Update 30 June 2020

Much media and investors attention focusses upon equity markets particularly when they slump as happened when the COVID 19 pandemic went global. The fall in the FTSE 100 became front page news, or whatever the on-line equivalent is these days!

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Investor Update 26th May 2020

After the global stockmarket rally in April, May has been more settled (so far) although it still feels as if the investment world is in limbo, fighting a two-way pull. Glass half-full – things will get better and equities are forward-looking investments.

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