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Investor Update 27th April 2020

As the end of April looms, stock markets globally are a good deal calmer than they were in mid-March. Indeed, the US market, so often still the market from which others take their lead, has risen by nearly 30% from it’s very recent low albeit still 15% below its high.

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Investor Update 20th April 2020

“We will do whatever it takes.”

The words of Mario Draghi, the then President of the ECB on 26th July 2012, and now Rishi Sunak who has introduced a fiscal package of an eye-watering size and scope. Read our Investor Update 20th April 2020 here.

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Simon Cocking: My Reflection on a very different Start to 2020

As we draw to the close of the final day of our first quarter, I want to give you my reflection on a very different start to 2020.
Read my thoughts in this article.

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Read our Perspective on the Markets

We live through unprecedented times. Not so much in terms of stockmarkets – experienced investors will have lived through crashes before from the 1974 oil shock, to Black Monday in 1987, the Tech bubble bursting in 2000-2003 and of course the Great Financial Crash of 2008.

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Phil Organ Gives his Outlook for 2019

When looking at what 2019 holds for us, it’s hard to give a definitive answer, because there is a lot of uncertainty ahead of Brexit on March 29th. However, before considering that, it’s worth highlighting the influence that the current year’s events will have on us next year.
Learn more in this article.

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Phil Organ on Just Group’s Retirement Risk Index

Just Group’s Retirement Risk Index is an excellent idea in that most people are familiar with the term ‘pension’, but too many will not have considered the importance of a pension to themselves and their family.

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