Asset Management

We provide you with a hands-on, fully monitored Investment Management service tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house portfolio managers will make all investment decisions for you, using a disciplined investment strategy with a long-term, flexible outlook. When coupled with our Personal Taxation Service, you get “end to end” service at its best.

COVID-19 Update

With “Freedom Day” behind us, we remain in a very different world to that of 18 months ago. Whilst the vaccine program has been a great success and the economic recovery has started in earnest, we still need to spare a thought for those who have lost friends, family and jobs and to realise that this may be far from over.

We also need to look beyond the coming months and plan for a world of debt repayment and increased taxation. You all know the Benjamin Franklin proverb  “nothing is certain except death and taxes” and I would wager that never before has this been so true. It’s not all bad news though, the economic recovery is stronger than many would have believed and markets have remained very buoyant. Whilst taxes will necessarily rise it remains fair to say that good advice and planning can mitigate the worst of it.

As you know, the Leodis team have remained fully operational throughout the pandemic and my sincere thanks go to them for the commitment and focus they have demonstrated during what has been an incredibly challenging period.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we remain totally committed to the fact that this is a relationship business. Whilst our investment in state-of-the-art technology will continue, we are now operating fully manned offices (with an enhanced team spirit) and are once again enjoying the good company of our clients.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Simon Cocking

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How Our Team Will Help You

In an ever-changing investment environment, you need a steady and experienced hand to guide you towards success. Our Asset Management service offers you a disciplined active approach with our discretionary in-house portfolio…

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What Do We Offer?

Discretionary Management

We will discuss your specific objectives as well as both your attitude to risk and your capacity to tolerate that risk to create a portfolio that fulfils your individual requirements. You then leave the responsibility for the day-to-day management of your portfolio at our discretion. We will provide you with regular performance progress reports to keep you informed and reassured. Your trust in our dedicated and experienced investment team is rewarded with a first-class asset management service that has your best interests at its very heart.

Personal Tax Service

Your tax no longer needs to be taxing. We will assist you with all your personal tax affairs including your annual tax return. Our in-house specialist completes and submits your annual tax return for you and reviews your investments regularly with your portfolio manager to ensure maximum tax efficiency. By leaving your tax and investment affairs in our capable hands, you can be sure that they are managed in the most tax-efficient manner.

Our Client Portal

Our client portal is your secure electronic gateway to an online space where you can view both up to date valuations, historical data and information relating to your account. You will find this to be a safe and convenient sharing mechanism between us that is accessible 24/7.

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